THE WANDERER… Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium DIGISLEEVE CD


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“Digisleeve CD release featuring the second and third demos from this obscure, atmospheric black metal band. Featuring 50 minutes of skeletal, inhuman soundscapes from the depths of the underground. Almost no vocals (aside from choir-like chanting) are used on this recording, as a removal of the human element. The Wanderer… is music to drift into the abyss, to send your soul asunder amidst the ancient tones of analog production. For fans of such albums as Ulver’s “Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler”, Burzum’s “Filosefem” or Orrery ‎”Nine Odes to Oblivion”.”

Some of the best demo’s released in the past decade at least. Highly recommended!


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